Welcome to Embedding

Embedding is a javascript library that makes it easy to create data-driven immersive environments - by embedding data points in space and time.

Embedding relies heavily on the "Borisphere" of tools to provide a responsive experience that works well on desktop, mobile, and WebVR platforms. In particular, it uses the WebVR polyfill, the WebVR boilerplate library, and ray-input to provide pointing-based input across these platforms. WebVR support in various browsers is changing fast, and you can view the latest Embedding compatibility report.

Similar to how D3 builds on HTML and the DOM, including canvases and SVG, Embedding provides an abstraction layer over 3D objects defined in WebGL and three.js, including geometries, materials, and lighting. A primary goal of Embeding is to enable developers who are not 3D experts to create beautiful, effective, and compelling data-driven environments.

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